General terms and conditions

1 General

1.1. All offers, deliveries and the granting of usage rights are subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.2. The general terms and conditions of Album Images apply exclusively. Deviating terms and conditions of the customer / purchaser only apply if confirmed in writing by Album Images.

1.3. A prior separate agreement with Album Images is also required, provided that image files are marked with the notation "Minimum Price", "Minimum Fee", "Special Fee", "Special Rate", "Special Price" (hereinafter SPECIAL CONDITIONS).

1.4. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer only acquires a simple, non-exclusive, spatially and temporally restricted and non-transferable right of use.

1.5. Saved and / or ordered and delivered image material always remains the property of the author; it is only made available temporarily for the acquisition of usage rights and must be completely deleted within certain periods. or to return in the case of supplied picture material.

1.6. In principle, Album Images only transfers the right to use the photographic image. Artist rights, property releases, model releases, trademarks and brand names are to be inquired of and clarified with the rights holder. Further use for advertising purposes or use for election campaign purposes must always be agreed in writing, unless otherwise clearly stated in the caption.

1.7. The material can only be passed on to third parties if it serves internal purposes of selection and viewing. A transfer of the right of use (also internally, or to subsidiaries or companies in the group of companies), be it against payment or free of charge, is prohibited. The right of publication does not automatically apply when the image material is saved / delivered. Deviations from this require a separate written agreement.

1.8. The content or the meaning of the material may not be changed under any circumstances. For every change to photos or texts - e.g. also color / b / w, excerpts, photomontages - prior approval must be obtained from Album Images. Album Images assumes no direct or indirect liability for damage or claims that arise in connection with the publication of the photos / manuscripts offered.

2. Usage Fees

2.1. Any kind of use of our image material is subject to a fee. The prices are quoted in euros net, plus statutory VAT. The amount of the fee depends on the type and scope of use and must be agreed in advance.

2.2. Exclusive rights and / or blocking periods require a separate agreement with Album Images and require a special fee, which is to be agreed in each individual case.

2.3. For unreported and therefore unauthorized uses, a surcharge of up to 300% on the fee we usually charge for this use is agreed.

2.4. The customer acquires the right to single publication (simple right of use) in the edition of the publication named by the customer. Further publications in any special or licensed editions of the publication in Germany and abroad require separate agreement.

2.5. In addition, the customer undertakes, without being asked, to send an adequate and reasonable proof of use to Album Images depending on the type of use (print media, internet, advertising, etc.) (e.g. specimen copies of the print media, PDF, link to the homepage ...).

2.6. In addition to the agreements made, the provisions of copyright law always apply to any use. Publication (in print as well as online) may only be made with the mention of the copyright notice "Name of the photographer / author or pseudonym / possibly partner agency / archive / album images", and if at least two free specimen copies (with Painting, stating which picture was published where).

2.7. If the image source is not provided, Album Images is entitled to charge a surcharge of 100% on the corresponding image fee.

2.8. The customer provides the following information to Album Images for billing purposes: publication, image size, date of publication and the Album Images image number.